Boty 1.6 robot + AStar bundle

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This bundle has all the components, including demo programs, to build expandable mini mobile robot (you only need 4xAA batteries and standard USB-microB cable). If you would like a starting base for Arduino style programming or start exploring robots, sensors, motors and other electronic modules, Boty 1.6 AStar bundle is a way to begin.


This bundle includes:

1x Boty 1.6 chassis

1x Boty 1.6 AStar expansion board

1x A-Star 32U4 Mini LV controller (with soldered header pins)

1x Mini power distribution board

2x Snap action switch with 50 mm lever (and wires)

1x Connection wires set F-F 15 cm (10 pcs.)

1x Slide switch (with wires)

1x Battery holder 4xAA cube

You can get demo programs from our repository:

There are also some videos on Youtube: