Manual for assembling Boty 1.6 mini mobile robot platform

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1.Assembling side panels

Firstly, we must mount servo motors, just like it is shown on bellow picture. Motors must be oriented in such way, that wires come out from motor on the bottom side. Be carefull with wires, when inserting servo, so they don't become damaged.

Boty16 montaža servo

On next step we mount side panel carriers in desired configuration. Basic positioning is shown on picture bellow, but you can adjust them according to your needs.

Boty16 montaža vert.nosilci

2.Set up base panel

Inser ball caster, so it stays on middle segment.

Boty16 drsnik

3.Mount side panels to base

Mount side panels with mounted motors and carriers to the base panel. Be carefull that edges match.

Boty16 montaža plošč

Finally we mount wheels on motor shafts.

Boty16 skupaj